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Official Date..

Those Dayzz..–

Dates dates and only dates

I have been on many dates…

After every fortnight, I had

A new DATE  to go on a date.


Never thought so seriously

to get involved or to Marry,

It was just a 20’s Heart

and every love ended –

after some Time of Flirt. 😀 😛


AH!! That was only at college life

Life is no more a choco-pie. 😦

My parents say “now this is the age

when I should think of Marriage.”



It means responsibility…

spending rest of the life

Loosing your Individuality.

Life will come to -THE END

and “No Entry” for Girlfriend.

But –

the process was interesting!!! 😀

This time date with LOGICAL REASONING 😛

Parents suggested me the Maidens

I had to choose my date from Options


(And again..)

“Those old happy days are back

Dating the girls again start” !!

But flirting was not allowed 😦

Coz this time family too was involved.


Never Mind–

I saw the pic of this pretty  girl

from the album parents sent

Ahh-she was hot , “I wanted to meet”

and badly I wished, if I cud get engaged.

courtesy: google images








I took a leave and went for grooming

chose the best salon in city, for the evening

we should look together a good match

I just cant risk to miss the catch


The sun sets and The evening arrives–

courtesy: google








I saw her coming

and my eyes cudnt stop staring

Her beauty was making me insane

Seemed Our copule was made in Heaven


She came closer and sat next to me

I just thought how could it be

Probably My vision got blurred,

I rubbed my eyes, and I was shocked :O


courtesy: google images





I managed sometime and walked away

I called my mom and rejected the girl

they wanted to know the reason behind

But i had nothing Justified


I wish she was there for life with me

but It was a great turn-off for me

I wish I didnt had this reason for denial

I wish she had opted for her hair removal..:P

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