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kuch Baaten jo Dil me ankahi reh gyi

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Jiyo Nidar

Hum toh akele andheron me jeete hai
Har par tufaano mein chalte hai

Darte toh wo hai jo,
Bheed me rahte hai
Aur din k ujaale me bhi
Hawa k jhokon se ghabra jaate hai


There’s nothing like rig…

There’s nothing like right or wrong,
Its just that my PERCEPTION is different than yours

You are not wro…

Why do some ppl think that they knw everythng n
they r alwayz right..
“its good to hve confidence, but worst to abuse other with different ideas”
“Difference in Perception doesnt make anybody wrong”

When you feel it from hear…

When you feel it from heart.
You do it really welll, at least you are proud of it..:)
“do what u love”

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