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The 1st Call….(Love, friendship, break-up, reunion , about to happen)

The 1st Call

Its Friday night, Bangalore

I was half lying on my bed, the bed in a corner touching the two adjacent walls, I was happy for the walls, I could rest my pillow at some angle to the wall and bed to keep my head high enough to see the laptop which was managing between my belly and thighs

As usual I was on my Facebook page and slowly saw all the greenery on the right bottom of the page of the going off. No friend is online, no one to chat anymore. I switched to my favourite game of hitting bubbles.

I was at my room in a girls PG. Two females in a room, so even I had a roomie. Our beds were at two opposite corners of the small room placed at 90 degrees to each other, interrupted by the entrance. It was late in the night and I had to go to work in the morning. Yeah, Even Saturday was working for me. I was still awake, a nocturnal creature- I guess anyone who stays in college hostel becomes one- so the habit was still there, especially when parents are not there to observe you. But, my roomie was happily enjoying in her world of dreams, lying in another corner.


Suddenly I got a glimpse of the laptop clock- Its 2:00 AM!! Sh*t, what was I doing?!!

“Oops!!.too late. I have to get up at 7 in morning”. But I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I just cant sleep. How can I play this stupid game of hitting bubbles, that to this time?  Need to sleep yaar.

Trin trin.. My phone rang..i still had that old ringtone for my phone.

‘What the f**k !! Who the hell is calling at this time? Just when I am planning to sleep’ talking to myself as I don’t expect calls at this time

Ah..- ‘Goaty calling ‘ my phone displayed

“Hmm..so u got time to call. After a month. but at midnight.” “Damn but why are you awake?..Shall I take the call??,..ok receive it, I cant miss his call” . I was talking to myself while the phone was ringing

“hello”. I decided to take the call

“hii baby”.

“What!! You moron, is this the time to call. I have office tomorrow”.. was bit angry, not with him. Actually I wasn’t happy with the idea of working on Saturday and was slightly jealous of others having an off.

“I wanted to share something with you, but fine. Its ok, you can sleep, bye” he replied being disappointed. Still he knew that I wont disconnect. I knew him, he knew me.


“stop it. Come on say. Anyhow I wasn’t feeling that sleepy” my mood gets a little better

“O-oh , whats up sweetheart??”..he asked in a sexy whispering husky voice.

“Dreaming of you, while hitting those bubbles which jump up everytime in my heart and stomach when I think of you” I

“Oh really. You still think of me? I know you were always after me in college days. Cumon’ now accept you love me”

“Shut-up..How cud you think I can love youuu.. Get back to the world man!

And now enough, get back, you goatzy”..Both of us started laughing. and suddenly a third voice came

“sleep or just get lost” oops!! My roomie woke up and shouted as if she just had a break up.

I silently moved out to the common room, took a chair and sat near window to continue with Goaty.

“I just shut my lappy and was planning to get off to sleep” I replied to his first question. “why are u awake at this time?”

“Just like that. Wasn’t sleepy, have an off tomorrow?” “How’s your life in Bangalore and howz your Bossie?” asking the last part naughtily.

Once I had told him that I had a big crush on my Boss.

“Yaar..this place is too boring” sad, taking a deep breath “and just forget about my boss, he is too annoying these days” angry and pissed off with job. “Missing you all a lot. Wanna get back with you guyz and enjoy as before”

“Same here. Just come back and we gonna stay together and have fun”

“Wish that was possible”


Both of us are sad. Suddenly Goaty said with spark and excitement “Remember the first day”

Oh yaa..its was memorable exciting……..

We had a long chat for more than an hour, cherishing those old memories. We discussed about all the important days, almost all the gossips about each and every buddy in class, college and hostel. A long long never-ending chat with lots of giggles, smiles and laughs, some tears as well.


“Now too much of stupid and useless talks”, I suddenly stopped that topic.

“come to the point and tell me; what was that excitement on your Facebook status about?”

“haha” he laughs  shyishly and naughtily

“just tell me now, don’t laugh like a fool”.

I was getting irritated and after pleading to him for few minutes; he finally decided to tell.

“Someone texted me last Sunday” (OMG!! He was really blushing)

“who was it? Whats so great in that? I receive ‘n’ number of messages a day. ”

“O Duffo!!.. Its definitely special.”

———No answer.. I looked at phone. CALL DISCONNECTED

I dialed back.

“Yeah, why did you disconnect.”

“Finished off the balance”

“Miser!! As always..huh.. Anyways, tell me who was that”  I had no time to abuse. Something interesting was supposed to come up, as we say there was some Masala  in the story.


“Promise that you wont disclose to anyone, Not even the closest person, not a single soul, not even to the person am talking about”

“Stop acting yaar!!..Do I ever.?? Ohk I wont disclose. Tell.. Promise”

“Maahi !!” slowly he said, still happy and blushing.


“What??” I stood up from the chair.  “Did I hear it right? Don’t joke. How’s this possible? How can she contact you? How can she not tell me?” ..This was simply unbelievable

“Yup. She sent a message”

“What did she write? Did you reply?”. I was totally mesmerized.

“A short message, to wish our friendship anniversary”

“Only that?? ‘like happy anniversary’ and that’s it”

“Nopes.. There was little more in it. She was missing me, our friendship, togetherness n all.”. He described the message. “I will forward you the message after the call”

“fine. Don’t forget to”. I made sure that he sends me the SMS. “why don’t you talk to Kunal and sort out things”

“I am ready but he doesn’t want to and you also know him ”

“hmm,..but her dare to text you shows how badly she is missing you. After all she loved you.” I grinned.

“Shut up.. there was nothing like that”


…..silly talks ……

“Damn yaar!! Low battery.. let me plugin ..Oh sh*t NO …………… Get lost. Its 5AM!!!!” I was shocked as I realized, I need to report to work for a hectic day and we disconnected.

Goaty dropped me a SMS, message that Maahi sent him. It read-

“Remember!! Our anniversary today. I can still run through each and every moment spent together. Though we are not in touch anymore, I miss us a lot, I know you too. Disha updates me. Happy Frnshpvrsary. Luv ya despite of anything 😦 😥  :)”


I was wondering how Maahi could not tell this to me. How can she be such a ditcher.

Have to ask her. I was getting impatient and wanted to call Maahi to know the details, but I promised Goaty. Argh!!




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