Dumb-Heart's Voice

kuch Baaten jo Dil me ankahi reh gyi


That first day of college

The Second Day of September.

Then on a Journey started

It was forever to remember.


The classroom was full..

Crowded as never after

Students sitting together

but unknown to each other.


Some were talking to neighbors

and managed a sort of friendship

just for the sake

unaware of future relationship


Everybody in the heart

were missing those buddies

Those childhood friends

and those School Days 😦


But still had some excitement

about some new folks

new friendships

new relationships


For me- the first lecture was good

all thanks to my neighbour.

We managed fun during class

and chilled out our mood


While leaving for the day

I had a contact eye to eye

Both of us then passed a smile

and a relationship started never to die..


We went together,

shared thoughts together,

and it became a habit of

Sitting together.


Friendship grew with the time

and our group with a team of five

In this Count of five

Four were girls and only one was Guy


We started attending

and bunking classes together

doing assignments and

even cheating together 😛


Three Years passed

making the bonds strong

All got separated

but somehow connected. ><


Some got into jobs

Some got married

Loads of responsibilities

and less of time


Still connected into the heart

Everytime  we talk

There’s half an hour

reserved to abuse. 😛


Distances may increase

Discussions may decrease

But these things are only physical

Love of Friendship is – Just ETERNAL


PS: Though we all may not have some nice stories to share , but lil things and every moment we shared together are memorable  for us. We may hardly contact each other, but still that love and bond is still there. Really “Friends are the best part of life.”


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  1. nidhi sultania on said:

    awesum yaar….miss those dayz…nd miss u guyz soooo much…:(


  2. me too..miss a lot. this is specially for u dear..:)
    n al those who value frienship


  3. wow.. yaar .. itzz amazin .. n seriously our bond is 4ever .. miss u too yaar !! 🙂


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